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EysterKathy_photo_weblI was born and raised in Illinois. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a secondary education emphasis, followed by a Master of Arts in British literature. In 1986 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to continue my career in technical writing at the university computing center. Just before this change of residence, my boss introduced me to 35mm photography because he thought I might enjoy the combination of technical and artistic skills. He was right!

I soon began taking camera classes, joined the Nevada Camera Club, and purchased my own 35mm camera in 1992. Since then I have mastered the techniques of landscape and macro photography using both film and digital cameras. In 1996 I retired from my position as a technical writer and moved to Montana to pursue photography.

After taking several courses from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, I became Workshop Director in 2000. Coincidentally, that same year the school launched its digital imaging program. I soon found myself assisting the best instructors in the field wKiery_6579ho came to present workshops in Missoula. While studying with Julieanne Kost, John Paul Caponigro, George DeWolfe, and Katrin Eismann, I absorbed the basics of Photoshop and soon was editing and printing my own pictures.

I left the photography school after fifteen months to pursue my teaching and art independently. I continue to present digital imaging courses for the school and the local Adult Education program. In addition to teaching, I have written for Camera Arts magazine and served as technical editor of digital photography books. I also travel throughout the country to teach digital camera classes and photograph extensively in the spectacular surroundings of western Montana. I live in rural Montana.

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