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If you are interested in learning more about using your camera or editing and printing your pictures with a computer, take a look at the classes below. If none of these meets your needs or time-table, email me about personal instruction.


December 2019 – February 2020

Lifelong Learning Center
310 S. Curtis Street
Missoula, Montana  59801 USA

Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Lightroom is Adobe’s “swiss army knife” software for digital photographers, addressing the needs of importing, filing, adjusting, organizing, converting, and displaying digital images. This workshop is for those new to digital photography who would like to use Lightroom to organize and preserve their collection of digital images. You will also learn to crop, fix distortions, apply effects, and color correct your images. NOTE: This course is for the desktop-based version of Lightroom, not the cloud-based version. Prerequisite: Basic computer and file management skills

  • Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm, December 3-12, 2019
  • Required Textbook: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic or 6 – Quick Start Guide by Victoria Bampton (free ebook download)
  • Price: $62 Register
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What Photo Editing Software Is Best?

What’s the big deal about photo editing? Why would I need to edit my pictures anyway? Which photo editor is the best? Join this evening demonstration and discussion of various photo editing software applications, their pros and cons, and which one might be best for your needs. Watch the photographer demonstrate editing pictures, creating cards, and sharing images using products that range from simple and free to advanced. Come see what’s possible with your photos and ask questions about a variety of photo editing options. The information applies to both Mac and Windows computers. No prior photography experience or knowledge necessary!

  • Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm, January 16
  • Price: $18 Register
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Photoshop Elements Workflow Part 1

In this class you learn to bring out the best in your favorite pictures by following a step-by-step process called an editing workflow. Using Photoshop Elements, you start with organizing your images so you can easily find the best ones. You continue with cropping and changing the brightness, contrast and color to make your pictures stand out. Then you fix common problems such as removing red-eye and spots and straightening horizons and buildings. You finish by properly sizing and sharpening pictures for sharing on social media and in print. NOTE: Photoshop Elements works on both Windows and Mac computers. You do not have to own Photoshop Elements to take the course. All work is done in class with the school’s computers. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills

  • Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm, January 20-29
  • Price: $77 Register
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Getting to Know Your Digital Camera 2

Apply your photography skills in a variety of common shooting scenarios in this intermediate class. After reviewing exposure, you learn techniques for action, close-up, and low-light photography. You find out about using different lenses and filters when shooting landscapes and portraits. You discover how to adjust the colors the camera records to improve both sunset and indoor shots. And you learn to control the built-in flash for natural-looking photos of people. You’ll leave with the tools to make better pictures in a variety of situations. Prerequisite: Familiar with shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls on your camera. Your camera must have Program, Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority exposure modes. Check your manual to see if these features are listed.

  • Saturday, 8:30am-5pm (1 hour lunch break), January 25
  • Price: $31 Register
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Black & White Photography from Start to Finish

The best black and white photographs come from recognizing interesting light, distinctive shapes, and detailed textures in the world around us. By capturing these features in color, we can convert them to dramatic black and white images using photo editing software. In this course, we work in the field to capture the raw material we need to produce monochrome masterpieces. Then we use Adobe Lightroom Classic to adjust exposure and contrast, lighten and darken parts of the image to improve its visual impact, and apply special effects such as sepia toning and traditional borders. These techniques also work in Adobe Photoshop. Prerequisite: Experience with the exposure controls on your camera and with Adobe Lightroom Classic are recommended.

  • Thursdays, 6:30-9pm, January 30-February 27
    Saturday, 3-5:30pm, February 1
  • Price: $103 Register
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Winter Nature Photography from Start to Finish

Explore the photographic possibilities of nature in winter in this class. Discover tips for better photos of the pristine landscape blanketed with snow and plants covered with frost. You learn how to prepare yourself and your camera for the cold. Then move on to adjusting exposure and color for great pictures. We’ll take two trips to snowy locations near Missoula so you can practice what you’ve learned. In addition, you use Adobe Lightroom Classic to adjust exposure and contrast, and modify overall color balance. Prerequisite: Familiar with shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls on your camera, access to a tripod, and familiarity with Adobe Lightroom Classic are recommended.

  • Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, February 5-19
    Saturdays, 3-5:30pm, February 8-15
  • Price: $82 Register
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Private Instruction

If none of the above classes meets your needs or interest, consider scheduling a private session. Topics can include using a film or digital camera (compact or SLR), setting up your digital darkroom equipment, editing photos, and printing them with inkjet printers. Please email me for available dates and times.   Top

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